All Navina innovations are developed in close collaboration with both users and healthcare professionals. Together we make sure that the products not only relieve bowel symptoms but do so in a way that fits into peoples’ everyday life.

Navina Irrigation System effectively relieves chronic constipation and bowel leakage. Navina Irrigation system uses a larger volume of water and helps establish a bowel routine in the long term. It is the only product on the market offering both manual and electronic handling.

What is Navina bowel Irrigation?

Bowel Irrigation is a method to empty your bowel by introducing lukewarm water. Navina Irrigation System is the only product on the market providing both an electronic and a manual control unit.

Navina Irrigation System has high user satisfaction and is considered easy and effective to use. Navina Irrigation System consists of an electronic unit (Navina Smart) as well as a manual unit (Navina Classic). It also includes a tube set, water container and rectal catheters in two sizes and shapes. Whatever your preference, there is a solution for you.

Who is Navina Bowel Care for?

The Navina Bowel Care range offers a holistic solution for bowel dysfunction, with products designed to prevent accidental bowel leakage and/or chronic or severe constipation. These symptoms can occur without any clear underlying cause, which is referred to as a functional bowel disorder. The same symptoms often occur due to conditions affecting the nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida or a Spinal Cord Injury. Other causes of the symptoms could be injuries to the pelvic floor sustained during childbirth or surgery such as low anterior resection syndrome (LARS).