Our Story

Flaxx Medical is a privately owned and operated New Zealand provider of quality and affordable world leading medical devices (products).  We are research & development driven, and devoted to identifying and marketing innovative devices in the fields of Urology, Urogynaecology, Gynaecology, Radiation Oncology and Pain Specialties to the New Zealand healthcare sector. 

Our Service

At Flaxx, we put our Customers at the centre of what we do.  From Patients to Healthcare Professionals, our success is determined by our commitment and passion to deliver nationwide - with on call phone assistance and advice if required call (09) 337 1111.

The Flaxx team works closely with Health Professionals, Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapists and direct with Customers both within the public / private hospital and private clinic setting and the community.  Our staff are all qualified Post Graduate Bachelor of Health Science Registered Nurses, or highly skilled Urology Product Managers & Pharmaceutical Specialists. All staff provide friendly, knowledgeable, technical information, education and support.

Flaxx provides on-going education for Health Professionals at no additional cost. All our devices comply with the relevant industry standards and conform to applicable CE Certification, FDA, TGA and declaration of conformity standards.

Regulatory certifications are available upon request.

Our Products

Sourcing products for best patient outcome and comfort is what we strive for.  Providing for the varying needs of our customers in our ever changing market, we constantly seek to bring innovative and affordable medical solutions to New Zealanders.  Health Professionals and our Customers come to Flaxx trusting us to source what they need, knowing that reliability and affordability is what they will get.

We consistently offer New Zealand hospitals, private clinics and Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) a range of high quality medical and surgical products from Manufacturers all over the world.  All our products are based on operator and patient safety criteria.  If a product does not meet our standards for use on ourselves - then we do not import or sell it.

Please contact us for a discussion on our full portfolio. 

Flaxx Continence Urology Solutions – A division of Flaxx Medical

Our dedicated, experienced and knowledgable Registered Nurses provide Clinical Continence and Urology consultation, services, assessments and education.  This division is a service that is based on referrals directly from Urologists, Urology Nurses and ACC to complete urology and continence assessments, education, private one on one teaching sessions and recommendations and fittings for continence patients in the community.  This division incorporates erectile dysfunction, restoration discussions and devices when needed.

This service is run only by senior very experienced and qualified Urology and Continence Nurses registered with the 'New Zealand Nurses Organisation' and trusted by NZ Urologists, Urology Nurses, Continence Nurses and ACC.  We are very proud to be the only medical company in New Zealand offering this service and level of qualifications and skill by staff.

Please contact Flaxx for a personalised consultation - one on one, over the phone or via the likes of Skype with a Registered Nurse Specialist within the Continence and Urology fields. 


Kindest Regards

The Flaxx Medical and Flaxx Continence Urology Solutions teams