Code of Conduct


  1. We aim to abide by quality processes day-to-day.
  2. Conduct our business ethically and with integrity.
  3. Comply with all laws and regulations.
  4. Respect human and employee rights.
  5. Promote and maintain a health and safety culture.
  6. Maximise sustainability and minimise any negative impacts on our environment.
  7. Safeguard intellectual property. 


We at Flaxx Medical have a responsibility to adhere to our legal and ethical obligations. This applies to directors, employees and contractors. We demonstrate this in the way we source our products, by staying up to date with world-leading healthcare solutions. We pride ourselves on being honest, acting consistently and honouring our commitments to deliver safe and competent equipment.

We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards and codes, not misleading or deceiving, acting fairly and honestly while treating people of all cultures and ethnicities with respect. We operate by respecting the cultural needs and values of health consumers while also respecting our consumers privacy and confidentiality.

Anti-bribery and Corruption

We do not tolerate bribery, corruption, kickbacks or any other types of improper benefits, whether committed by our staff, or by anyone we do business with. Breaches of the Code result in swift disciplinary action.

Labour and Human Rights

Flaxx Medical comply with workplace health and safety laws and regulations and maintain healthy and safe work environments for all staff members. We also comply with the New Zealand employment standards and maintain a workplace that is free from unlawful discrimination.

Environmental Sustainability

As a climate conscious company, we ensure a healthy and safe environment by using equipment and tools as they were intended to be used, while working to improve environmental sustainability. We aim to reduce the environmental impact including waste and material sourcing with an expectation to reduce our environmental footprint by demonstrating initiatives such as reusing cardboard boxes in shipping if possible. This is led down from the sourcing of raw materials, to the manufacturing process, to Flaxx Medical to the end user.

We seek exchange in the network in order to learn from others and to inspire with our own experiences and good examples of corporate climate protection.

Compliance with Laws

As a distributor, Flaxx Medical shall not directly or indirectly, sell, export, re-export, transfer, divert, or otherwise dispose of any Company products to any destination, entity, or person without obtaining prior authorisation from the relevant governmental authorities.

Further Consideration

We work with our customers to ensure they are purchasing the correct device for them or their whanau, to help assist health benefits within their community. We do this by ensuring the features of the medical device are explained and well-suited to the individual to achieve an improved health outcome, and an improved quality of life.

We try to fairly price our equipment, so our stock is accessible both within the community and the healthcare system.