REHABI Penile Vacuum Trainer (PVT)

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For training of the cavernous body

The REHABI PVT® supports rehabilitation and improves erectile function after nerve-preserving radical prostatectomy, other surgeries of the male minor pelvis and erectile tissue training for IPP/Peyronie.

After a prostate surgery the preservation of the erectile function has a great impact in quality of life and a fundamental need for lust. Studies show that the early use of vacuum devices (VEDs) leads to a complete erection for 80% of patients. In addition, better treatment successes and shorter incontinence times are observed.

Important: Penile Vacuum Training!

A long-term reduction of oxygen supply of the penile tissue is a main factor for the possibility of erectile dysfunction. The penile tissue of a healthy man is up to 50% muscles and 50% connective tissue. If the portion of smooth tissue is reduced at the cavernous cells, the blood flow can not be retained in the tissue during stimulation. As a result an erection is not possible. Therefore activities to increase blood circulation should start early after a prostatectomy or surgeries at the minor pelvis. In this way, the oxygen supply to the vessels is improved and the smooth muscle of the erectile tissue is trained. As a result, conversion of the erectile tissue into non-elastic connective tissue is reduced. A reduction of penis length and penis circumference is thereby counteracted. Erectile function is improved and incontinence and the possible period of incontinence following the surgery is reduced. Penile vacuum training can replace erectile tissue treatment with pharmaceuticals. 

How does the REHABI® penile vacuum trainer work?

The penis is introduced into the opening of the cylinder. With the use of the manual pump a sub pressure is created around the penis. The blood flows into the corpus cavernosum and provokes an erection. This artificial rigidity has to be maintained for several minutes by means of the sub- pressure. The penis remains erected inside the cylinder. For rehabilitation, the erectile tissue training should be performed several times daily for several months to improve the arterial blood supply. Penile tissue training is only for rehabilitation purposes.

Note: The REHABI PVT ® can be extended into a manual vacuum device (erection pump) with constriction rings used to maintain the erection for sexual intercourse.

Therefore please request our Extension Set "REHABI to MES".

Advantages of the penile tissue training

  • better oxygen supply of the penile tissue
  • better recovering and earlier start of sexual activities again
  • supports earlier spontaneous erections 
  • reduced incontinence
  • reduces loss of penile length
  • less costs for pharmaceuticals
  • positive impact in cases of IPP or Peyronie disease

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